Tuesday, November 9, 2010

hybrid grouper

tiger grouper + giant grouper

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Buku "dasar-dasar budidaya walet"

Kehidupan burung walet

Budidaya walet rumah
Cara memperbaiki gedung walet
Memilih lokasi sesuai
Membuat gedung walet
Written By: Dr.E Nugroho and Dr.Whendrato
Total pages 158

Buku "teknik renovasi rumah walet"

This is a good guide book if one need to renovate to improve conditions of BH.

Total pages 118.

Some of its' contents:
Waktu renovasi tepat dan baik
Renovasi lubang burung yang benar
Renovasi dinding rumah walet
Renovasi atap dan bumbung yang tepat
Renovasi sirip tempelan sarang

Written By: Dr.E Nugroho

Buku "kwalitas sarang burung"

All about different types of nests and their quality.
Learn more about edible nests.
Written By: Dr.E Nugroho and Dr.Whendrato
Total pages 112

Buku "Sirip Walet"

Guide on how to choose and install nesting planks for maximum productivity.

Written By:Dr.E Nugroho and Dr.Whendrato

Total pages 120

Sarang Walet - Lewat Jalan Tol

A very useful guide book with many charts on how to build and operate a swiftlet farms.

Written By: Dr.E Nugroho and Dr.Whendrato

Total pages 128

Serangga Makanan Walet

A book written by Drh.E.Nugroho,Drh.I.Whendrato and I.M.Madyana.
Total Pages:128.
Language : Bahasa Indonesia

Learn about the favourite foods for swiftlets and how to prepare more insects for swiftlets in a drought.

Memasukkan Burung ke Rumah Baru

A book about technics to lure swiftlets to stay in new farm.
A must have book for beginners.

Written By: Dr.E Nugroho and Dr.Whendrato
Total pages 132

Nesting Plank

The best method to install planks to maximise productivity.

Plenty of guiding charts.If you DIY your bird house and not too sure about the formation of nesting planks,this is a perfect book for you.

Written By: Dr.E Nugroho
Total pages 117

The Secret of A Successful Swiftlet House

Heaps of drawings about flying path and how to install planks.
Best seller.
Written By:Dr.E Nugroho
Total pages 203

Breeding Swiftlets in Farming House

A good guide book with sketches and photos.

A lot of information on how to start a successful farm. A must have book for biginners.
Best seller.

Written By:Dr.E Nugroho
Total pages : 164

Budidaya walet

A book by Redaksi AgroMedia in Bahasa Indonesia.

Total pages:96

Some of the contents:
Agar Walet Betah Tinggal di Gedung dan Berproduksi
Teknik Tepat Memancing Walet
Sekilas Prospek Bisnis Sarang Walet
Mendesain dan Membangun Rumah Walet

Out of stock

Memancing walet dengan sarang kertas

Author : KO. Abeng.
Total Pages:59.

Written in Bahasa Indonesia.

Some of the contents:
Mengenal Walet
Mengenal Lingkungan Kandang walet
Kandang Walet
Memancing Walet
Membuat dan Memasang Sarang Kertas
Pemanenan Sarang Walet

Learn how to make good fake nests from card board with colour pictures and how to paste to planks.Many other information.

Sarana Budidaya Walet

Author : Hary K.Nugroho and Eka Setia Sukma.
Total pages:73.
Written in Bahasa Indonesia.
Memiliki Rumah Walet Prospektif
Penjaga Suhu,Kelembapan dan Cahaya
Pemancing Walet
Pencegah dan Pembasmi Hama
Pemanen Sarang
Sarana Pascapanen Sarang
Sarana Regenerasi
Pengaman Rumah Walet

A book about the right equipments to use and how to use in a swiftlet farm.Furnished with plenty of pictures.

Prospek bisnis walet

Author: Hary Kusumo Nugroho,MBA.

Total pages:71.Written in Bahasa Indonesia.

Lokasi yang Sesuai
Struktur dan Bentuk Bangunan
Peralatan Walet yang Tepat
Pengetahuan yang cukup,Kesabaran dan Ketekunan
Keuangan yang Memadai
Bagaimana Prospek Walet saat ini dan Kedepan
Langkah-langkah yang dapat diambil.

Migrasi walet: teknik mencegah dan memanggil

Author : Drs. Arief Budiman.Total pages:62.A book in Bahasa Indonesia.

Migrasi Walet : Sebuah Fakta
Kenali Sifat Walet
Pahami Penyebab Walet Bermigrasi
Cegah Walet Bermigrasi
Panggil Walet yang Bermigrasi

Memancing Walet dengan Suara Tiruan

One of the best book with lots of informations from Indramayu.

Written by Kaliman ,total pages : 61.Base on author's experience.

"Memaparkan teknik mengundang walet secara cepat yang menghemat waktu dan tenaga"

Meningkatkan Produksi Sarang Walet

Authors: H.Achmad Fatich Marzuki,H.Sunu Kuntjoro,Hj. Masnunah Hanim & Yustina Erna Widyastuti.Total pages:80.Written in Bahasa Indonesia.

Mengenal Perilaku dan Morfologi serta Anatomi Walet
Persyaratan dan Pengelolaan Habitat Mikro
Persyaratan dan Pengelolaan Habitat Makro
Memikat Walet Masuk Rumah dan Mempromosikan Habitat
Menekan Gangguan Walet

Meningkatkan Populasi Walet dan Seriti

Written in Bahasa Indonesia by Philip Yamin and Eka Setia Sukma.Total pages:78

Some of the contents:
Meningkatkan populasi berarti meningkatkan produksi
Mengatur kelembapan,suhu dan cahaya
Menambahkan aroma dalam ruangan
Memberikan ruang gerak
Menyesuaikan bahan sirip dan cara memasangnya
Meramalkan ruangan dengan suara koloni
Menyediakan pakan tambahan
Merawat dan merenovasi rumah wal

Permasalahan Walet dan Solusinya

Authors:Philip Yamin and Rudi Hartono.Total pages:72.Written in Bahasa Indonesia.

Some of the contents:

Lingkungan yang sesuai dengan habitat walet
Mewujudkan rumah walet ideal
Walet tidak mau datang atau selalu kabur
Populasi walet sangat sedikit
Produksi sarang walet tidak memuaskan
Faktor keberuntungan usaha walet

Budidaya Walet - Pengalaman Langsung Para Pakar

A book by Redaksi Trubus.Written in Bahasa Indonesia.Total pages : 152

Some of the contents:

Pengenalan sarang dan jenis
Lokasi dan pensyaratan lingkungan
Budidaya intensif
Hama dan kendala
Pasca panen sarang walet
Bisnis dan khasiat

Menentukan Lokasi Budidaya Walet

Author:Drs.Arief Budiman.Total pages:68.Written in Bahasa Indonesia.
Include CD CEK LOKASI SUPER.A very useful guide on how to check a location effectively.
With a mobile location checker,now you can find out for yourself whether a location is suitable to build a farm or not.

Some of the contents:
Lokasi Ideal
Lokasi Sentra Walet
Lokasi Lintasan Walet
Lokasi Buruan Walet
Cara Pengecekan Lokasi

Menetaskan Telur Walet

Author: Drs. Arief Budiman.Total pages:88.Written in Bahasa Indonesia.
Batu Loncatan Budi Daya Walet
Antara Walet,Seriti dan Seriti Kembang
Kasus Gedung Kosong:Rekayasa Agar Dihuni Walet
Pengadaan Telur Walet
Penetasan Telur Walet dengan Induk Walet

Timer and Power Points Set

A very much reliable Hager Timer with 4 power points which upper two run separately from lower two.
The timer can be set to activate upper two at a period of time and then stop and let lower two run.
Purpose is to alternate amplifiers used for internal calling as farmers normally let the internal sound runs for 24 hours.By alternating 2 amplifiers at interval of 3 hours or 6 hours each will prevent overheating and thus make those amplifiers last longer.

Please call to check price.

Waterproof Tweeter

Dimension : 22cm x 8cm.Suitable as External Tweeter.Waterproof.

As one can see in the picture,there is a plastic cover at the middle to prevent water flow into inner part and there are 4 holes drilled at the back to drain out water.Powerful and reliable for external use.
Please call to check price.

Audax Piezo AX60

Clear and natural sounding to attracts swiftlets to stay in new farm.One of the best internal tweeters.Proven to be effective and widely use in Indonesia.Recommended to be used with a capacitor.
Please call to check price.

Audax Piezo AX61

Size: 3" x 3".Clear sounding to attracts birds more efficiently.Durable and long lasting.Best use with capacitor.
Please call to check price.

Audax Piezo Tweeter AX-65

Size:3" x 3".Good quality tweeter suitable for external and internal use.Clear sounding.Very suitable to be used in roving room.
Please call to check price.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Mobile Location Tester 1 - Plug n Play

Four tweeters with coils and capacitors.Dimension:L19cm x W20cm x H16cm.Quality amplifier 180w + 180w and USB/Card Reader.Easy to operate-just plug to your car cigarette lighter point and play.Stainless steel body made to last.Weight:2kg only - easy to carry.Very effective device.
The major factor of a successful BH is the right location.This device had been tested over and over again and proven to be very effective as a location checker.When the Location Checking Sound is played,birds nearby will quickly responded to the source of the sound.This device can be use to test new external sound too.To learn how,where and when to conduct a test,please read 'Menentukan Lokasi Budidaya Walet" by Drs.Arief Budiman.
Please call to check price.

Hexagonal Tweeter

Built in 6 water tweeters with mesh.Stainless steel frame.Quality speaker wire used for connection.Easy to join with pole.Easy to change tweeter as well.This tweeter is only suitable for external used.Normally install on roof top to attract birds from all corners.Very effective in pooling birds and widely use in Malaysia and Indonesia.
Price call to check price.

Book - Swiftlets of Borneo

Book - Sukses Memikat Walet

Book - Panduan Lengkap Walet

Humidistat 2 Power Point - Humidity Control Device

This is the most accurate device to control humidifiers in a BH.Manually setting and proven to be very reliable.Every units is tested for at least 48hours before sent out to end user.3 power points to control up to 3 humidifiers at a time.If one is using a data logger,one can tell how reliable this unit is.No more worrying about flooded floors when a humidity controller malfunctioned.This one you can count on.Components imported from Germany.6 months warranty.

Swiftlet Cultivation Book in English

A good book with many pictures and designs.Hard cover

Indoor/Outdoor Hygrothermometer

4 readings appear on the screen at once.Hygrothermometer can be place in data room where one does not need to go inside a BH to know the reading of temperature and humidity.Min/Max record

Mist Maker Set

Mist maker with transformer.Easy to use.6000ml per hour.Ultrasonic fine mist.

Top Cover.

Designed for Taiwan Humidifier TL3600.Curve end to minimise birds dropping fallin in.